Don’t Breathe 2 2021

Don’t Breathe 2

Don’t Breathe 2

Don’t Breathe 2 Eight years following the events of the initial film, Norman Nordstrom, a blind Navy SEAL veteran, lives with Phoenix 11 years old, and Shadow his Rottweiler in the Detroit area. Phoenix is informed by Norman that her birth mother was killed in a home that caught fire.

Hernandez the only link Norman has to the world and an experienced Ranger , is able to convince Norman that Phoenix is able to accompany him on an outing in the town. He is looking to gain some peace from his home. Shadow is able to stop a man who looks like a biker from abducting Phoenix. The gang follows Hernandez’s van to Norman’s in which they await Hernandez’s pickup of Phoenix. Then, they murder her on their return journey to the town. They take Shadow away from Norman’s house and then murder him. The gang invades Phoenix’s home to abduct him after Norman goes outside to look for Shadow. Norman as well as the gang engage in an argument, Raylan, the gang leader, tells Phoenix that he’s her father. Phoenix confirms it by showing Raylan that they each possess an mallen streak.

Following an meth laboratory explosion in the basement, Phoenix’s home was burned to the ground. Raylan had been held for 8 years. Norman found Phoenix unconscious in the rubble and brought her home to take care of his daughter. Raylan was capable of seeing Phoenix alive after she left flowers on the memorial to her mother. A criminal chloroforms Phoenix. Raylan employs his dog Norman to kill him, and then he locks him up inside the attic. Phoenix is taken along with the gang as they burn to the house before taking off. Norman is able to make close to the dog and they flee with each other. The dog leads Norman to the hotel’s shelter.

Raylan, who has been in the hotel since early in the morning she reveals Phoenix’s real name as Tara to Phoenix and introduces her mother, who is alive, although she is in a wheelchair. She claims that she triggered the meth explosion while making and caused her internal organs becoming poisoned. Tara was kidnapped by her parents in order to be capable of organ transplants for her mother. Tara is conscious throughout her heart operation, however Tara will not be breathing due to the lack of drugs and medical facilities. Raylan’s soldiers stop by a power blackout. Norman then attacks Raylan’s men with the help of darkness, attempting to snare them. Raul is the only person who is able to survive after he discovers Raylan’s real motives to get Tara back. Norman employs smoke bombs to take out the surgeon, and fight Raylan. Raylan accidentally shoots the mother of Tara by shooting. The wheelchair of Tara begins to rotate, and it is dragged by Tara. Norman cut Raylan’s eyes and he was dead. Tara, still in her wheelchair with her mother, escapes Norman by cutting off her mother’s arms. Josephine’s body, as well as Tara as well as her wheelchair is thrown into the water.

Tara is told by a severely wounded Norman who is badly injured that her father has admitted to lying to her. He confesses to his crime which include rape and murder, and advises Tara to flee to the safety. Raylan is seen and then is stabbed by Norman. But, Tara fatally stabbing Raylan and causes Raylan’s death. Tara attempts to rescue Norman but Norman claims she already saved him. Tara goes to the home for children where she was last seen. She stops children playing, and introduces herself to them as Phoenix.

A brief post-credits scene features Raylan’s dog snooping around Norman’s dead body. The camera then turns to Norman’s dog who is licking his hands. One dog moves a bit which suggests that he may still be alive.

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